Back in 2013 our founder Cecily was in a very different place. After landing a super job in London, she found herself commuting from Brighton. In order to arrive on time, and miss the traffic, she'd get up at the crack of dawn to drive the 2hrs north to the office. Back then, she was virtually living on black coffee to get through the day: a large mug for the journey,  another one on arrival, and during the day too. However, she still found myself yawning at my desk. 

 She realised quickly that something needed to change to get through the 14 hours days. She started a plant based, raw vegan diet. Lots of juices, lots of smoothies, and lots of raw food. The results were absolutely phenomenal.

Cecily grew to realise that the food we eat can either give us energy, or deplete our energy. Live, organic food, made with love, will make you feel amazing and nourished – no need for coffee! 

Raw vegan food was fast becoming her passion; making coconut ice cream with raw cacao to satisfy her sweet tooth. The more people tasted it, the more she was asked for it. Growing up in Cornwall, the surf and the beautiful beaches had been calling her back for quite a while. So in 2014 she jumped right in, quite the big smoke, returned to Cornwall to make her coconut dreams a reality.

  After a year of recipe development, (and welcoming a new addition to the family, 'Cocobaby'), CocoNuts launched in March 2015, with 4 flavours. 

We make every batch of CocoNuts with love and positive intention, at the CocoNuts Grove in Redruth. This belief is still at the heart of what we do. We feel like the luckiest CocoNuts on the planet, getting to make ice cream everyday in beautiful Cornwall!