You may have seen on our packaging the words ‘Crazy Generous’ and thought – eh?

You see, we don’t cut corners here. It is our core belief that the food we eat can either give us energy, or take our energy away. Ever eaten a fast food burger, and felt low energy afterwards? Or eaten a fresh organic salad, and felt amazing? 

We choose all our ingredients with this in mind. Our organic certification guarantees that all our ingredients are GMO free and farmed or grown in conjunction with the environment, not in spite of it. Our Vegan registration means all our ingredients are guaranteed to be free from animal products. We choose to use Cornish Spring Water in all our ice cream – spring water filtered through the Cornish rocks and alive with natural energy (aside: if you haven’t read it, we highly recommend Dr Maura Emoto’s book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ and you will see what we mean about natural energy!).

We use the very best flavour ingredients: organic raw cacao, Himalayan mineral salt, fresh organic strawberries, pure organic peppermint oil. We add in raw organic spirulina to our mint choc chip just before we churn it into ice cream, to maintain it’s raw health benefits. 

Why? Because this makes the best ice cream. Period. No shortcuts to flavour, no skimping on quality ingredients. As pure and natural as possible. 

You can taste it #crazygenerous